"Dairy Crack"????

Check out this interesting article from Culture Magazine about cheese, diet and advertising. Yes, Americans eat a lot of cheese  (though not nearly as much as Greece and France), and yes obesity is a serious issue in America, but the two are not really linked. What we eat and how much we eat are the real stinkers. The top 6 calorie sources are grain-based desserts (cake, cookies, etc.), breads, chicken-based dishes, sweetened beverages, pizza, and alcoholic beverages. Also, portion-control seems to be conveniently forgotten with everything supersized to the limit. Bottomline? Go ahead and treat yourself to a delectable artisan cheese. Be sure to share it with family and friends. And don't forget the red wine.


The State of Weight

This past year, the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine(PCRM) put up a series of billboards in Albany, New York, displaying a man’s belly bulging over his belt, captioned “Your Abs on Cheese,” and another of a woman’s large dimpled legs, captioned “Your Thighs on Cheese.” Their point? “Cheese is loaded with fat, cholesterol, sodium, and calories,” states PCRM. “It should come with a warning label.” PCRM president Dr. Neal Barnard has repeatedly called cheese “dairy crack.” The Washington D.C.–based group, which aggressively promotes a vegan diet for Americans, targeted Albany because more than half of its adult residents are overweight or obese; they put similar billboards in Wisconsin, the cheesemaking epicenter of the United States.

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