Chocolate and Cheese, a match made in heaven

Goat Cheese Truffle, Blue Cheese, Chocolate Salami

Introducing our new dessert plate, a beautiful trio of chocolate, chocolate & cheese. A winning flavor combination of homemade goat cheese truffles, spicy  salchichon de chocolate, and salty creamy blue cheese.

Our goat cheese truffles are made in house with the finest dark chocolate and the island's own Quail Croft Chevre with a healthy dose of fresh cracked pepper and a pinch of sea salt. The Salchichon de Chocolate is a dessert "salami" with pistachio, hazelnut, smoky spices and a kick of cayenne. And finally, the slice of blue cheese offers the balance in the force with its creamy, earthy undertones.

Be the first to indulge in our Chocolate and Cheese Plate. It pairs oh-so-nicely with our Oregon Pinot Noirs.