Cheese School, Third Day Finale

Breakfast lasagna anyone? Our 3rd and final cheese-filled day begins with a presentation from a cheese/ specialty shop owner in San Francisco (and some awesome breakfast lasagna). We roll right into a presentation on distribution and handling from head of cheese sales at Cowgirl Creamery, complete with hands-on examples of "cheese gone bad". You think some cheeses smell? Just wait till they are forgotten and get really nasty. (Don't worry, we take really good care of our cheeses!) American Cheeses

Old Stinky Cheese!

We have another cheese tasting, this time of homegrown American Artisan Cheeses. My favorites are an aged raw goat's milk cheese called Manchester from Consider Bardwell Farm, VT, and  a creamy cow's milk soft-ripened cheese without a rind called Crescenza from Bellwether Farms, CA (Juliana suggests using this cheese instead of mayo on a BLT!).

Parm Knives and Gruyere

Cracking the Wheel!


We finish the 3-day program with a bang... or should I say a crack. Our class learns how to lift, spin and set down an 80 lb Gruyere wheel and a Parmigiano Reggiano wheel.  I got to help quarter the gruyere and crack the parm. The smell and the taste of a freshly cracked cheese is out of this world! An experience we plan to all have this summer!

Hannah & Parmigiano Reggiano!

And from last year!!

Cut the cheese!