Cheese School, Second Day Field Trip!

Harvey Farms Day 2 starts off with more coffee and maybe the world's best breakfast parfait. Served in mason jars (very hip), we devoured luscious layers of sheep's milk ricotta and ginger apricot almond compote. Then on to the bus for our field trip to Harley Farms Goat Dairy.

What can be cuter than visiting a goat dairy farm with 109 baby goats? Some were only days old! We toured the milking barn, the cheese-make kitchen and a beautiful dining room in the barn's loft with hand-made wooden chairs and a long table. And of course, we played with the baby goats and tried taking them home.  No luck.

Harvey Farm Barn

Milking Barn


Feeding the goat







When we returned to San Francisco, we jumped into the geometry of cheese lesson and the tools of the trade. Very helpful for this upcoming season!

We ended the day on an incredible and very tasty pairing lesson.

Pairings Class

We mixed and matched 5 cheeses with  5 food items (salami, olives, hazelnuts, strawberries, baked figs) and 4 wines (bubbly, white, red, sweet dessert wine). We rated them on a scale from -2 to +2. Some of my favorite combinations: fresh tangy goat cheese with sweet baked fig; nutty dry ossau iraty (sheep's milk cheese) with salty fatty nicoise olives; hard dry piave with fresh strawberry and the white wine; fourme d'Ambert (blue cheese) with sweet white wine and salami. Oh it was too much fun for my tongue!