Boucheron, sweet & citrusy

Boucheron was one of the first French goat cheeses exported to the US. It is made from pasteurized goat's milk and is a soft cheese formed into a beautifully ribbed log.

Boucheron goat's milk cheese

The interesting texture on the outside of this cheese comes from the straw mat that was wrapped around the cheese while it aged.

Boucheron wrap straws (1 of 1)

At first bite, I tasted sweet cream ice-cream with a hint of lemon. Recommended pairings include: Hefeweizen or a bright Pinot Noir.

Boucheron Cheese

Cheesemonger Richard is pointing out the different layers in this tasty cheese. First notice the edible, white bloomy rind. This soft cheese ripens from the outside in, so the layer closest to the outside is creamier and is more yellow in color. The inner layer is fluffier and tastes more tangy.

If tasted separately, the outside layer has a deeper, fuller taste, while the inside has a sweet lemon chevre flavor. The contrast makes for a very happy mouth.

Boucheron show (1 of 1)

Tune in next time for news about Abbaye du Belloc, an amazing raw sheep's milk cheese made by Benedictine monks at the Belloc Abbey...