2013 Cheese Tour Day 9

Cheese School Day 2 Farm and Creamery Tour

The bus picked us up at 8:30 am and we headed south from San Francisco along the coast to Harley Farms and Goat Dairy in Pescadero.

Feeling the goat love!

We visited in the fields with about 100 very pregnant goats and 3 protective llamas.

Lama Love (sort of)

Kidding was expected any day now. This farm has quite a following and almost all of the fresh cheeses they make are sold on premise.

Class photo.


Then back to class.

Cheese School Clinic: Hands-on practice learning to cut and wrap cheese

We helped crack an 80 pound Parmeganio Reggiano!

Parm Cracked!

And wire cut a 40 pound Gruyere!

Slicing a wheel ofc Gruyere

Lesson four: Ultimate Pairings with the Cheese School’s sommelier, Naomi Smith.

Beautiful and tasty!

It was an incredible mix of 4 different wines, 5 wonderful cheeses, and a mixture of 5 accouterments. (sorry we forgot to take pictures of the vino)

Sweet, fruity, salty, bitter, fatty