2013 Cheese Tour Day 8

Cheese School Day 1 “If you are looking to open a cheese shop, create a cheese program or just learn more about cheese than you thought possible, this program is for you. “

Yep. It’s for us!

Up a flight of stairs in a building in the North Beach area is a very charming and welcoming space where we will spend the next three days.


According to their website, The Cheese School of San Francisco is the only independent institution of its kind in the nation dedicated entirely to helping people maximize their enjoyment and appreciation of cheese through education and tasting events.



We are enrolled in the Three-Day Intensive Cheese Education Program.  This program is intended for cheesemongers, chefs, caterers, and aspiring cheese professionals. We will learn the ins and outs of buying and caring for cheese, how to taste cheese at a professional level, visit a successful farmstead cheese operation, and a cheese shop.

Our instructor, Juliana Uruburu, is the Cheese Program Director at the Bay Area’s renowned Pasta Shop. She is a frequent panelist and cheese judge at industry conferences and was recently inducted into the Guilde des Fromagers, dedicating her life’s work to promoting the consumption of cheese.

First order of the day was Introductions: us and 19 more turophile classmates eager to learn. An interesting and diverse group of people, including both cheesemakers and cheesemongers, as well as people wanting to deepen their appreciation of cheese.

Lesson one:  Classification of Cheeses, How to Taste Cheese, & Tasting

Comparison of cow, goat and sheep milks. yougurt and cheeses

Lesson two:  The Geometry of Cheese & How to Cut Cheese Using Tools of the Trade

Tools of the Trade

Lesson three:  Cheesemaking: with Sacha Laurin from Winters Cheese