2013 Cheese Tour Day 10

Cheese School Day 3 Visit to Cheese Plus. Terrific lesson from Ray, the Proprietor

Retail Site Visit

We got a behind the scenes look at Cheese Plus, an acclaimed cheese and specialty retailer in

San Francisco’s Russian Hill neighborhood, led by owner Ray Bair.

Back in the classroom, Ray joined us for an hour of incredibly useful Q & A.

Cheese Monger and Propietor









Lesson Five: Distribution, Receiving & Handling

Tasting for defects.

Lesson Six:  The American Cheese Movement

Fiery and passionate Debra Dickerson taught lessons five and six.

Debra and Julianna. Years of wisdom!

Debra Dickerson has been deeply immersed in cheese for over twenty years and is Head of Cheese Sales at Cowgirl Creamery.

Again, incredibly useful information.